Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Loner AT 2012 Springer Mtn. vid

Here's a video from Jeff aka Loner filmed on Easter Sunday, second day of his 2012 AT thru-hike with the white blazes, after he hiked the approach blue blaze trail  from below Amicalola Falls.  In this video he's hiking from Springer Mtn. top. Springer Mountain is 3782 ft. up in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia offering stunning views. This is the southern terminus of the Benton Max Kaye Trail for all NOBO AT thru-hikers.  A bronze plaque honors Benton McKaye.
Jeff stayed near the Springer Mountain Shelter on a spur trail leading about 70 yards east of the Appalachian Trail. Blue blazes mark the spur trail. The shelter has a raised first floor and a sleeping loft reached by a permanent ladder. Each level of the shelter can comfortably sleep four or five backpackers.
There is a fire circle and wooden picnic table in front of the shelter and a privy down the hill behind the shelter.  The spring has provided water even in recent drought years. There are two sturdy cables strung in trees near the shelter with pulleys and hoisting lines for hauling backpacks and food bags out of reach of the local bears, raccoons and rodents.

Loner is  working with a mini laptop and none of his film editing programs so he can't do much with titles, music, etc.  I'm really grateful to have these even though he's been emailing us regularly.  It helps us to enjoy it more. He's now two weeks into his hike. and he's now posted 12 videos all together from the Appalachian Trail under the you tube name Loner2012AT

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