Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jeff aka Loner at NOC

Actually my son, Jeff aka Loner (also on White Blaze) answered all my emails today - three in one day!  Yay!
He's making faster time than he thought he would.  He asked me to send his first box to Fontana Dam for Friday April 17 but now he'll be there Wed. April 18, so hopefully the first one will get there in time.  I sent another one today with just town food - stuff too big or heavy for his 13.5 lb. pack, at least that's what it weighed at the weigh in at sign in time at Amicalola Falls. It's just snack food for him to gorge on in town or send forward to another postal drop for future Jeff, as The Good Badger puts it. So that will end up returned.  I need to send boxes further ahead than we thought.

Hey again Mom,

Cool message and liked the Indian info and cool name.
( this is in answer to when I emailed him about the Algonquin Indian in his ancestry-  similar to what I wrote in an earlier post.) Thanks for sending the box.  I'll be in Fontana prob Wed.  The one you send on Friday will get returned so please don't send it if you have not already.  I can't wait on it.  

We heard about the bear can rule and did that whole run in one day and camped on the other side.  I saw a tore up bear bag and some claw marks on some trees.
(Photo borrowed  from Shenandoah National Park site. )
I met a dude named James from Greenville but there may be others.  Been doing 17, 18, and 19 mile days.  But taking a slow day today at the NOC
(Nantahala Outdoor Center) and do about 12 today.   (photo by Mike of Forget-Me-Not and Filly entering the NOC).

Having a lot of fun but pushing too many miles too soon I think and my feet get tired.  Had great weather and seen some really cool stuff.  Got to visit a Indian Mound in Franklin, NC.

Please don't worry about the FBI thing.  (
This was in regards to an AT Hiker AT name, Stonewall, who was murdered in fall of 2011 near Virginia.  I sent Jeff the FBI notice on the White Blaze website, a forum for AT enthusiasts, just so Jeff could be on the look out in that area in case the guy comes back.
Sorry Zach (The Good Badger) , I didn't do too hot about trying not to worry over my son earlier this week - I'm doing better now)

And I've been taking salt tablets as it's what I purify my water.  Been doing good with water but some others have got sick and one guy quit because of blisters on every toe and another fell at blood mountain.  
Love ya,
Got to go, Jeff

By the way, the NOC, Nantahala Outdoor Center is an adventurer's dream - a large compound on the stunning Nantahala River, complete with Outfitter's Shop, Restaurant, Cabin rentals, kayak and canoe rentals, laundries, showers, computer access. It's one of the most elaborate pit stops for any AT thru-hiker and a destination for many day-trippers and overnighters.  After Jeff gets back I'd like to take a trip here with our family to explore the area.
Jeff's a big kayaker but I don't know yet if he interrupted his trek long enough to kayak any of the courses (all levels and many large competitions are held here) or if he just took the opportunity to refit his gear, resupply and eat a hot meal in a gorgeous location.  I'm glad he took the time to access a computer and email me.
Here's a cool blog and a great photo of the restaurant from Whitewater, another 2012 AT thru-hiker who went on trail before Jeff.  

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