Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recap: Jeff's AT Prep Hike Black Gap/Amicalola Oct. 2011

Another journal entry from my son Jeff on his pre- thru AT hike  in Oct. of 2011 to prepare for the hike he's on now after leaving Georgia on  April 76, 2012. He made this 4 or 5 day trip to test his equipment.
 If you look close you'll see the owl stuffed animal Jeff bought for my granddaughter, Kendall for Christmas.  He also bought Beth and I long AT maps so now my push pin is notched in at the GA/NC border until I hear from him again.

Destination: Amicalola State Park
Starting Location: Black Gap
Today's Miles: 7.00
Trip Miles: 49.00
Friday for fun took the Hike-Inn trail to check that out. Neat place. LOTS of day hikers on Friday and they don't care who sees them poop in the woods. Walked up on 2 different people in the act! How about walking OFF the trail a ways people!
Made it back to the visitor center to look around. Tried to take a shower there but the on/off handle came off in my hand and got soaked in cold water just like some bad Chevy Chase movie!
Super fun trip and talked to lots of nice people. The shelters were cool and the trail well marked. This was a shake down for my 2012 thru and was very happy all the gear worked out great. Only one small rub on the back of one foot. Was glad to hike in the cold/rain/snow as I have not been able to test that yet and found I'm fine with it. Was easy to find nice trees to hang from too.
Looking forward to doing Neels to NC next time before doing the whole thing in 2012!
Some extra notes...
There is LOTS of trash at some of the shelters. Two had huge kitchen bags full of trash hanging from the bear cables.
Met several people that had bad blisters after only a few miles and one dude who got sick and was in trouble on the second day. Out of water and a huge pack. Others could not do the cold and wanted to go home.
Water was dry in places but still was able to find enough no problem.
Only saw one deer and 3 grouse. (we don't have these in my part of SC). Owls hooting every night was cool too.
Used the Terra Nova Laser Elite 20L. Pack weight with food was just under 11 lbs. I carried two 2-liters of water on my belt.
Total 50 miles hiked.


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