Sunday, April 15, 2012

1st e-mail from Jeff aka Loner at Hiawasee (I think)

Wow - Friday afternoon, April 13, 2012, I came home to find this email from my son, Jeff hiking the Appalachian Trail.  What a wonderful surprise - especially since we made a deal that Jeff would only write every 3 weeks.  He wanted to wait for 4, but Beth and I wheedled him down to 3.  And here it is less than a week, just 5 days/3 daylight hours into his journey.
 Yay!  Brief but enough.  Another lesson to be learned from an AT hiker  - appreciate the little things!

Hey Mom!
"Thanks for the ride up and the message.  All is fine here having a great time.  I'm going to cross into NC today.  80 miles so far. Has not been cold.  I've been hiking with a cool Mexican dude from TX who goes about the same speed.  We keep leapfrogging each other. 
Not going to be able to do any videos till i get back without a phone.  There's no time except for hiking, setting up camp, and eating.  And a total pain to get on a pc for even 5 minutes.  But I've been filming them.  Been doing between 12 and 16 miles a day so far.  Went to the 1st white blaze the first night.  Tics are here already.  The views are awesome.
If you like, could you please mail the 1st box to the Fontana Dam PO that I left yo?  I'll be there in a week or so.  If the bags (Jeff is talking about the trash compactor bag to keep his pack dry) are not there in time that's fine.  Thanks for doing that.  And sure just put anything in the boxes as a surprise. 
Everyone is nice here and helps each other.  Wish there was more time to write but will have to wait till I get back."
Love ya, Jeff aka Loner

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