Friday, April 27, 2012

Jeff aka Loner in Gatlinburg, Snow in the Smokies

I'm learning more about what was going on along the AT while Jeff aka Loner was in Gatlinburg.  he's fortunate that he and Lonestar happened to Gatlinburg on April  22 because up in the Great Smokies and Tennessee is was snowing!  He did a short film there.   Before reaching Gatlinburg, Loner had some close encounters with some very  curious deer but missed a bear sighting.   He also shows some footage of the  shelters in the Smokies, which are made of stone instead of wood.  They have two story bunks, sun roofs, built in stone fireplaces but Jeff didn't see any bear cables at the one he filmed.  In the Smokies At Thru-hikers must stay in a shelter unless its full.
Shortly after Jeff and Lonestar checked in the Grand Prix hotel was filled with At thur-hikers who rushed off the trail once the rain changed to snow as the temps dropped.  The place turned out to be a mecca for hikers and Jeff decided to spend an extra day in Gatlinburg waiting to head further north when the trails were clear and safer to travel.
One family who I follow on Facebook, Rain2o'S 2012 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike were trapped.  They are the Rainforests, a mother, father and two sons, Forest and River, who is the youngest and looks to be about nine years old.  They were hiking in Tennessee uphill when the rain started, got soaked, and then the temps dropped.  They'd already sent home all their winter gear and clothing because the weather had gotten so warm, so when they reached a shelter, many miles before their goal, at 2:00 pm.  They decided to stop, strip, get in their sleeping backs to avoid hypothermia. Good thing they did, the rain turned to ice, then snow.  Not good for hikers without the write clothing.
All day long, shivering shaking hikers arrived and did the same thing until eleven were crammed into a shelter meant to hold only six people. At night it was only 20 degrees, since most At shlters only have three sides. Among the videos and emails Jeff sent from his two zero days in Gatlinburg, Jeff sent this email.

Hey Mom,
"Right now the peeps around me are EZ Nomad, wrench, Pocahontas, John from Los Angeles, Flatlander, Atlas, Chris from New Hampshire, Glutenpuff, and just caught back up with LoneStar after a week.  He's a marathon runner but had a heavy pack at first. He's cool and collects arrowheads too.  
 I did Clingman's Dome yesterday and was pretty cool but foggy.  Love the Great Smokey Mts. Lots of people and missed a bear and her 3 cubs by 5 minutes but did get super close to some deer.  I'm past 200 miles and hit the first part of TN but it crosses back and forth to NC alot next week.  
 I'm staying the night in Gatlinburg and watching the race.  Crazy town and am at the famous Grand Prix inn just for thru hikers.  Country ghetto but clean.  The table in my room came out of the owners house.  There is a awesome empty swimming pool here and she said I can skate it!  Half way kidding but may check some thrift stores tomorrow when I explore the town and go to Cooter's place the Dukes of Hazzard museum. 
The candy was a tad melted but that's OK.  The salsa was fun but was afraid it would break.  I can always use almonds, dried banana chips, or maybe some more dried fruit.  If possible, please add a few brown rubber bands and extra zip locks.  There's some in the box in the shed.  
 am putting on some videos but the keys and screen are tiny so takes awhile and don't have time to edit videos or add music like I wanted but they should be popping up soon.  Slow WIFI here but trying.
 Thanks again for the support. Oh about trail magic, peoples sometimes leave gallon jugs of water at road crossings where there is little water and one dude left cokes and cookies."


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