Saturday, September 29, 2012

Loner Summits Katadhin!!!

Loner called Corajeanine last night and told her that he had already summited Katahdin Sept. 28th!!  He tried to call me but I didn't get to the phone in time and I know he only had a few minutes left on his phone.  But he got wildcat and she passed the info on to me.
Loner said that it was a beautiful day and clear and he was hiking up Katahdin with some of the hikers he and Wildcat had met at Caratunk (or Monson)  I'm not sure which.
Loner told her he had met some day hikers on the trail, as well, and they gave him a lift to Millinockt last night and were going to give him a ride to Bangor, Maine, where his grandmother lives.  So that was some grateful serendipity for sure. Thanks goes out to hose hikers!
Wildcat and I couldn't get off the phone, constantly repeating how we couldn't believe he'd made it already.  He told me last week, he though he'd make it by Saturday, Sept 29th must he must have been booking,  or night hiking with his headlamp to make it.   We just kept saying over and over, "I can't believe it" or "I'm amazed."   The journey seemed so long, and the wait without videos was frustrating, but perhaps without news of knowing exactly where he was each day, we could't believe that once he was out of the 100 Mile Wilderness his journ3ey was almost finished.  Unfortunately there's no videos yet and I'm not sure where his computer is, so not sure when there will be videos.  He didn't have time to give more details so we're waiting on those too.  I can't imagine all the emotions he's feeling.
I'm filled with a huge respect for his dedication, but also a certain selfish gratitude that I'll get to see him soon. As I do the happy dance and holding back tears of pride, I'm rushing around now getting ready for his return home to So9uth Carolina, after he visits with his grandmother and then goes to Ohio to be with Wildcat.


  1. How wonderful for you all. I am pleased to read this. I have been checking his YouTube site and saw that he was almost done but have been missing his videos, although not as much as you!

    Been a long journey, a trip of a life time
    Im sure you're proud & you should be
    Welcome to the Class of 2012 Loner!!
    I've enjoyed following along and look forward to the details & videos
    of the last chapter
    Once again, Congrats!!

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  4. My family loved watching all his videos over the past 5 months. Contgrats to Jeff...Loner....#801!

  5. Big CONGRATS to Loner, and thanks Gail for the update. I will pass along the info to the Pickens market people who know him.