Sunday, December 9, 2012

Loner and Wildcat

It's been just a little over a month now since Loner and Wildcat made it to South Carolina, so I thought I'd offer a brief update.  Even though Loner summitted Katahdin on Sept,. 28th, he spent a week in Maine with his grandparents, went back to the trail for a week to hike a portion in Maine he missed when he flip-flopped to go meet Jeanine when he flew in from Ohio - he then went and stayed with Jeanine in Ohio while she worked her notice at her job and then they took a week traveling to S.C. going on digs in Ohio and Kentucky and hanging out with friends and family.
Since they got back to SC and are back in the real world, or at least Jeff's version of it, Jeff has been working hard getting his collectible business back up and running again, with Jeanine helping, but Jeanine is also scoping out ideas and formulating plans for her own business. They live in Jeff's camper, which Jeanine has been sprucing up and he and Jeanine will travel through South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and further afield with his business.  On their limited down time, they've had some luck artifact hunting around the lakes in western S. C., took my granddaughter Kendall and I with them to the SC Artifact Show in Abbeville where they met up with some of the local you tube artifact folks. We were lucky - on the same day they were having a historic re-enactment throught the town of the civil war. Hint: Look for a beardless Loner in the video on his and Jeanine's new you tube channel.

The weather has been gorgeous so on they're off days they spend their time outdoors (or sometimes thr5ift store hunting). Recently they've both been out with Jeff's friends on a pontoon boat on one of the many gorgeous lakes in the area.  I know Jeff is missing kayaking big time, but his kayak needs some works and they're looking for a double seater.  Jeff is often asked to tell his Appalachian Trail stories when he meets up again with some of his buddies on the road or at the flea markets where he buys and sells collectibles. 
Good thing Jeanine had some experience of living on the AT, because they've been roughing it - only recently are they looking into getting their stove, refrigerator and hot water heater fixed. Out of necessity Jeanine's come up with some ways to cook healthy delicious meals on her one eyed hot plate even skillet pizza - all of which will end up in her cookbook of recipes of good and fun foods you can make on long distance hikes.
And of course we've been lucky and I get to see them about once a week as we pick back up but often talk about the trail.
Jeff hasn't wanted to be interviewed by the newspaper or be on our local TV station.  He says his Loner videos are his story.  when they can afford to get the internet, and not just have access infrequently at the library, he'll answer comments to Loner's page, but for now he's focusing on settling back in, making enough money to live on before making any big plans for the future - (although the talk of auditioning for the TV show the Amazing Race comes up pretty often). Jeanine has watched it the entire series and has s brilliant strategies for managing what gets thrown at the contestants.  And knowing her - and how she go for something rather than not - who knows?