Monday, September 10, 2012

Loner in Maine - Final State

Jeanine and I heard from Loner as he reached Andover, Maine on Sept. 8.  Last state to go, he's less than 250 miles away from Katahdin right now.  Jeanine is flying in to Portland than driving to meet him so they can hike part of the trail together!  They are both very excited (and I imagine slightly nervous).  Jeff mentioned that he'd finished Mahoosuc Notch Trail which is filled with glacial boulders and has the infamous notoriety of offering the most challenging mile on the AT.  Loner  said it was hard but he made it. He's also been dealing with some major hammock fail - so hopefully he can rig something up to last the rest of the trip.
Not sure if their will be any more videos - it depends on the facilities on Rangeley.  After that there's not too much in the way of towns or WIFI.
In other news, followers of fans of Fatherman were wondering where he was since he hadn'ty posted any videos since August 17th.  Loner said he'd talked to FM when FM was in Andover, New Hampshire but Loner was still in Gorham, NH. He figured FM is about five days ahead of him. This is what Loner wrote me:
"FM is fine and I've seen his name in the logs. He is about a week ahead. He left me a note that he was in Andover when I was in Gorham. There is not much signal in these parts and he only has his phone to make vids. Most THRU HIKERS that post vids have a big gap near the end and then catch up after. "
 Fatherman finally got on White Blaze and in his usual sense of humor to let us know he was still on the trail and wrote this:  
"FM here!! Alive and well, my friends. The rumor of my demise has been greatly exaggerated, ha! Thanks for the concern, and yes, the vids are coming soon!"
Although he still didn't tell us where he was, darn it.  
One person even posted that Fatherman was looking thin and that's the truth with all the thru hikers - they're all looking pretty rough by now, thin, boney, cheekbones protruding, bags under their eyes, long scraggly beards.  Loner says the young crowd looks even worse - they're all "stick men." he told me.

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  1. Rayo had problems posting his blog towards the end. I know you get a bit anxious when you don't hear from them on regular basis as before.
    Loner is fine I am sure & he is very excited to reach the end
    Yep, hikers sure do get skinny and mangy looking. When I saw Rayo's summit picture on his blog, standing proud & naked behind the sign it broke my heart how thin he looked, like a flag pole!!
    He was down almost 30 pounds which he couldn't afford. Don't worry though once they finish and get home the weight goes back on easy. They eat every thing in sight...fresh fruit and vegetables were his favorite as he got sick of the trail food at the end.
    Celebration will be in order before you know it for Loner!!!