Friday, September 14, 2012

Loner in Rangley, Maine

The class of 2012, at least the hikers I follow who are on their way to Katahdin, have gone eerily silent.  No video blogs, no text blogs, no phoned in messages.  I guess that goes to prove that Maine is an outdoors world, as the state juts up here above Quebec Canada.
Rayo, Frenchy, and P.J. Wetzel have summitted  Katahdin; Fatherman, Apache and Loner have gone off the radar as they enter the Mahoosuc Mountain Range and either close in or now trek through the 100 Mile Wilderness with towns, libraries, hostels and resupplies in short supply.  Maine is a big deal to hikers, they've been seeing AT signs pointing in two different directions for close to 2,000 miles, one pointing to Spring Mtn. in Georgia, the other pointing to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.
I did get a very brief email from Loner that he was in Rangeley, Maine about 220 miles from Katahdin on Sept. 12th as he was doing his laundry.  That was it - I imagine a brief use of a computer somewhere.  I hear his phone battery is giving him some trouble and haven't had a phone call in about a week.  Rangeley is a beautiful upscale wilderness resort in the lakes region of Maine, and comprises 267 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Many folks say it's the toughest part of the trail, as if the previous 2,000 or so miles was just prep work. In Maine alone, thru-hikers will complete the equivalent of hiking Mt. Everest.  So I know he's getting the views.  Just hope his camera is holding up for future videos. (photo is from
So now I guess we just wait.  


  1. I know it is hard to not hear & just wait. I went thru it. The end of an amazing journey, so much excitement. You've been following step by step 2000+ mies and then the story comes to a halt, kinda of like watching a movie, you're getting to the end & the power goes out!!

    Im sure he is documenting as he goes along and we will all be able to catch up soon. In the mean time I hope he is safe and enjoying these last few days as an AT Hiker

  2. You're right Patti - it is a lot like watching a great movie and then the power goes, leaving you hanging! At least my daughter and I received post cards from Maine yesterday - every little scrap of communication helps!
    And I did get a little nudge to take the edge off - Apache and Fatherman both posted videos on Sept. 12 but I only found them after writing this whiny blog.