Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loner should be somewhere in Pennsylvania, not so lovingly nicknamed rocksylvania by previous hikers.  In this area the mountains have become eroded to such a degree by time and atmosphere that the mountainsides are littered with broken jagged rocks, which shift as you step on them and shred shoes like, as if recumbent dragons hid there eager to gnawing through anything to get to a thru-hikers already tortured feet.  I'm a little concerned with Jeff on this part of the trail.  An ankle he broke skateboarding about seven or eight years ago has already been giving him trouble and he wrenched his back on a fall and that's been bothering him too.  I haven't heard from him in six days, and he may have run out of food that so gets me a bit worried, since by now he'll have to stop in a town, although he may have wandered more off the trail to view the many important historical areas around Gettysburg and the first Washington Monument, as well as a number of civil war battlefields and sites. And they have restaurants there.
He did send a packet with more brochures of the many museums so hopefully he's taking time out to enjoy them while he can and eating in town. Lots of cool and interesting things from Harper's Ferry and the AT Conservancy, such as someone who will make t-shirts for AT thru-hikers, a guy asking for video footage to put a film together, a free lunch if hikers will come and tell their tail in Pine Furnace, PA today (I hope he did this but he may be past Pine Furnace, coupons for 10% and 20 % for hikers at local restaurants, Ron to Go and Sasquatch's business cards and some gorgeous postcards and interesting museum brochures.  Sounds like a great town!

On a different but important note, Parkside's mother posted a video about how to save oneself form drowning when hit by cramps.  It has now been determined that this is what happened to Parkside.  I urge everyone who swims outside, especially after exercise, or extended effort when potassium may be depleted.  I learned in the SCA that once potassium is depleted in the body from sweating and exertion, all your blood flow is sent to the vital organs leading to cramps and even collapse as your limbs have no strength anymore.  This video shows you the best thing to do to stay safe. It's not what you may think.  Better to know now, than wonder when in the water you cramp, and panic.,0,2089734.story


  1. I have heard from many people, non-hikers that Harpers Ferry is an interesting town, lots of history.

    Better get a pair of shoes ready to send off to Loner...those rocks in PA love to eat hikers shoes!!

    You mentioned a fall, did he fall on this hike/ Hope he didn't get hurt too bad

    He seems to be making awesome progress...Im cheering him on

  2. Yes, Patty those rocksylvania rocks will shred shoes, I hear. I think Jeff spent a day and a half in Harper's Ferry so I hope he went to museums etc., He has been doing that in most historical towns.
    Rayo is really booking it. A;ready in Vermont, pulling 26 mile days. He's really getting close. Does he look as thin to you as Loner does to me? It will be good when they get home to fatten them back up.

  3. Wow, Patty is really making progress - 26 mile days and in Vermont already! I know you're proud of him! Is he looking as thin to you as Loner is to me? It will good to fatten them up when they get home.

  4. He was lean to begin with Started out at about 182 & is at 165. I think Too too thin as he is 6 ft 3!!
    hen he gets home & back in normal routine Im sure he put some back on.
    It's great Loner takes time to see the sights, some of these younger hikers just go go go
    to get it done. Told Rayo it's not the destination it's the journey. Take enough time to enjoy what's around you