Thursday, June 7, 2012

Loner at mile 854, Waynesboro, VA

Loner has reached Waynesville, Va but only for a pit stop to pick up a mail drop.  He walked 130 miles in the past week and is now beyond 854 miles.  He's booking it! Here's the email I rec'd from him.  He didn't load up any videos this time.  Maybe when he reaches Harper's Ferry,WV at 1,017 miles.

Hello Mom:
Thank you so much for the messages and drop box.  Really liked the pic of Kendall/Devon and the cards.  I'll try and film something.  Just doing a quick pick up here in Waynesburo, VA.  Mile 854 I think. 

Glad you got the pc going and are drawing again. 

Please tell your clients thank you and that meant a lot that they take a interest.  Some of the hikers play hacky sack because it's easy to carry.  I found one someone lost and carried it 20 miles till I found them.  They thought they would never see it again.

I've been leap-frogging with a dude from Hampton, NH named B1.  He only has one hand but does fine on the trail.  Also just met Apache.  He has videos on YouTube too and was surprised I caught him. 

The trail has been hard at times but fun too.  Lots of views and cool history stuff.   Some rain and no-see-ems but not many ticks yet.  I'm going to get some deet after the Shenandoahs.  Lows in the mid 40s at night so glad I kept my cold gear.  Many sent it all home. 

Looking forward to Harper's Ferry and the half way point.  Also going to Washington for a day off. 

If you want you can seed a drop box to Harper's Ferry, WV 25425.  I'll be in WV late next week and knock off 3 states in a hurry.

Sorry if I did not get to all your questions.  I'll write when I can,  Jeffrey

Apache, who Jeff mentions in the email, is on you tube as Biopthera, a DIY young guy who made almost all of his gear and who Jeff and I have been following since almost the beginning. It's cool to see threads of trail relationships unwind, online and even moreso for Jeff as he gets to see them in person, the connections, the webbing, as if Clotho, one of the three fates in Greek mythology, weaves together the stories, like or contrary minds entwining and unwinding, to make their experience all the more powerful.  Loner leapfrogs with hikers from all over the world, separating and meeting up again, reading their posts in the shelter logbooks, or their blogs online, their journal entries on White Blaze or Tail Journals, seeing their videos online every 200 miles when he gets off-trail, picks up his pc from the PO and sees what other 2012 thru-hikers are up to. As he does so, hes' constantly interconnected in a compulsive traveling community, a city of seekers, who find their ways not on a yellow brick road, but through green tunnels, over sunlit or fog-shrouded balds, and over mountaintops strafed by lightening and wind. The lure of the white blaze and call of Katadhin are forces they can't deny.   
I can't wait to see more videos and share them with my clients at the Head and Spinal Cord Injury Drop in Center where we do a session on the Appalachian Trail once a week. This last drop off box included cards they all made him to encourage and support him and make him laugh.  They're really enjoying the series. We do games, quizzes, discussions and they know more about the Appalachian Trail now than most Americans.  they get a kick out of Jeff's videos and have learned all the AT hiker and love hearing about the AT traditions and little rituals, such as the Half Gallon Challenge.  One of my clients was a park ranger, a couple lived right near the trail and saw thru-hikers and one client camped a good bit as a  Eagle Scout and now volunteers and is a scout leader with his dad.
I'll post more as I hear more.  This was a very brief stop as he's trying not to spend money in towns and complete as much mileage as he can before he runs out of money.
 Back at you later... 

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  1. Thank you for sharing his amazing journey with so many!