Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loner at Boiling Springs PA

Loner has finally sent an email, I have to admit, I was worried as it had been seven days since I heard from him, and I knew he'd be out of food in five.  But he wrote that the heat had been unbearable and the trail more difficult, so he'd only been averaging about ten miles a day, as opposed to twenty.  In addition, he took a lot of time to visit favorite historical sites and museums and I'm glad he did, given that he is in an area rich with both Civil War and Revolutionary War history and what better way to learn about our country, than on foot, up close and personal. Jeff said the heat had been rough and a lot of hikers had got sick after drinking bad water - so that's proving Pennsylvania to be a lot more difficult than Virginia.
He met Sispsy a long the way and they shared a room at a resort where they got a hugely reduced hiker  rate  so I'm glad he's having the time to rest up, get showers, wash clothes, etc.  Unfortunately the Wi Fi there is not good so there are no videos, and may not be any more forthcoming.  His camera is acting up and since he's running low on funds, he may not opt to buy a new one.  Bummer.  I show Jeff's videos each week at the DRop In Center for my head injury survivors and they really enjoy it.  They've learned a lot and could talk about the AT more than anyone I know outside of families of hikers and they're pulling for Jeff.
I'll add more later if there's any news.


  1. Im glad you finally heard from him & yes I know how you feel when you don't. That imagination runs in overtime....
    Told ya so, ha-ha PA is tough real tough
    Slow and steady is best, don't want to get hurt.

    I will miss his videos, but Im sure you'll keep us up to date

  2. Glad things changed and he posted some additional videos, always enjoy them