Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vids Loner & Wildcat Maine

Yay!  finally!! Loner must have stayed up all night to post a set of new videos. He's posted 9 more videos of his trip through the beginning of the rugged trails of Maine
In addition, we get to travel with his girlfriend, Jeannine or Corajeanine or Jean she answer to all) too from Monson to Caratunk. Jeff has given her the name Wildcat. She came to out to hike with him for a week.
There's some river fording, some mud, playing among the boulders, some climbs and falls, meeting of new friends and oldies too  - like E Z. Nomad. There's gourmet cooking  - we need the recipes Corajeanine! -  and lots of smiles.
Like the hikers say, "It's not about the miles, it's about the smiles!
And he sent me a photo of him at Katadhin!
But as far as videos, we'll have to wait for him to do another marathon editing session.  I think he may be editing some of Wildcat's footage in here too because she shot lots of those lush panoramic views.

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  1. vid slideshow of the mini photo albums. Mom, this was a great idea and really enjoy these books and looking thru them. Thanks! Love ya, Jeffrey