Monday, October 1, 2012

Post Katadhin News

I've had a chance to talk to Loner when he called from his grandmother's house.   He told me that he was hiking with a group of folks and he and Texas Pete ran for two days in the 100 Mile Wilderness because they wanted to beat the rain heading into Baxter State Park.  Texas Pete Loner did a 22, 23 and 28 mile day and then another ten on the day they summited Katahdin.  Loner signed in at the Baxter State Park register as hiker #583.  there's going to be a large Class of 2012.
A large group went up Katahdin before him, but Loner went up alone later.  It was a beautiful day with blue skies and he mentioned, that at the top, his legs got jittery. He said he took videos and photographs himself because there was no one else. He didn't get down to the bottom until about dusk.
Later, Loner had some good luck with two Trail Angels who drove him to Millinocket and then the next day to Bangor where he got his ride to his grandmother's.
He's been spending time with his grandmother and her husband and his aunt and uncle and his first meal was at Texas Road House. He's enjoying his stay with his relatives, and they've been wonderful to him, feeding him great meals. Tomorrow he goes out on his uncle's boat.  He hasn't seen his grandmother or aunt in a very long time so I know he's enjoying catching up. He admits it's hard for him to be inside and he feels the need to walk. He also gets tense in crowded places such as restaurants. So he's going through a bit of White Blaze Fever.  He hasn't been able to use the internet or check messages and I know he's enthusiastic about getting back to film editing.  He's hoping to get online today at least to look at emails.  It's one of the activities, like hiking, kayaking or arrowhead hunting which put him in the zone.  He hasn't processed much yet. 
He's talked to Jeanine everyday and I know he can't wait to see her again  And I can't wait to see him too.
I'll keep you posted.

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