Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loner's mini photo album - scrapbooking

In a post long long ago,  I mentioned a  in a post, that I was making what they call in the scrapbooking world - a mini photo album.  I started it when loner left for his trip and have been working on it  ever since he left.  It turned out to be a collection of ten albums on the states.  I combined some of the states with the shorter parts of trail.
I'm starting to post and write a little bit about that journal on another blog so I don't clog up this one - that blog Black Swan Scrapper, is mostly for folks interested in photography, scrapbooking or altered book arts.  But just in case there are some family members or even thru-hikers who would like some sort of keepsake of their AT journey perhaps this will give you a few ideas.
Corajeanine already knows about the project but Loner doesn't read this blog (he thought it was all about my worrying) so I don't think he'll see it until he gets home in a few weeks.

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  1. Loner looks like a very different person from when he started to when he finished. I've followed him throughout his journey and appreciate the time Loner took to document it.

    I hope all is well and good luck to you in the future.