Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loner in !00 Mile Wilderness

Corajeanine is now home in Ohio, and I heard from Loner from the top of  Barren Mtn. in the 100 Mile wilderness in Maine on Sept. 24th.  We had a very brief chat but at least he can get cell service on the tops of mountains.  He didn't have much to say except that he had to head north in order to meet his grandmother in time and he and Jeanine had a great time.  Loner gave Jeanine the trail name Wildcat.

Once Loner can post, and Wildcat has time to add her videos to her video blog, there will be some great shots and videos, since both of them love indie film making and photography.  When Loner picked her up at the airport (thanks to the shuttle guy!) Wildcat said there was never an awkward moment.  I get to talk to Wildcat  more than Loner these days but I'll let her tell you their story herself .  She posted a journal entry and some more great photos on White Blaze. 
These are some photos she took of their hike. 

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