Friday, September 14, 2012

Fatherman and Apache post more videos

Well, I stand corrected from my previous post.  Fatherman and his AT Traveling Talk Show has now posted five new videos, from New Hampshire but dating back to August. In some of the videos, he's with a huge crowd of hikers - like what you'd see at the beginning of the AT, not closing in on the end.  He introduces some folks he hasn't met before.  In others it's just FM and Medicine Man on Moosilauke heading towards the Whites. And we get a different view than the Loner posted of that rough trail going back down Moosilauke (and I'm not talking about Medicine Man's kilt.

And Apache has reached Maine and is posting videos as I write.  He's posting from right before and then after the border between New Hampshire and Maine, and it looks pretty rugged, cold and a bit cruel if you ask me as it sits atop Mt. Success in NH and then   Lots of rebar climbing on the Goose Eye Trail in Maine. 

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