Sunday, September 2, 2012

Loner Completes the Whites

Well, this has been an an up and down part of Loner's Trip, he's left Gorham, NH yesterday and should be in Maine today!!!  The last and final state. He has loaded 4 new videos of The White Mountains, an up and down trip, including high 70 mph winds and Jeff's most exciting day and getting soaked and having to camp on the side of Mt Madison and spending a very very cold and wet night. So we get to see that you can't always stay positive - some conditions are just too rough.  Lots of great scenery  and a small town thrown in. But he also got to hike with some cool hikers and loves the Whites. And he's now only about 290 miles from Katadhin.

 Loner also reveals something that I didn't even know about until two weeks ago and it's pretty exciting but I don't want to put a spoiler in here.  After you've had a chance to watch the videos and if you catch it let me know, and I'll tell you some background stories.  It's a pretty great thing and certainly nothing Loner expected when he left from Georgia. 
And I can tell you its even better than finding an arrowhead on his birthday on the AT!
He admitted he's had some days when he just wants to get home, but he's going to finish now that he only has less than 400 miles to go - about three weeks.
It's not that he minds the climbs and the mountains but that he's excited and homesick at the same time and eager to get there now that some people he knows are reaching Katadhin.  He never met Frenchy but followed him on You Tube. 

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