Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mail Magic in Hanover, NH

Loner reached Hanover, New Hampshire Sat. Aug 16th.  Only two more states to go!  442 miles!!!! 
He only had time to post one video since he was using the library but it was a very important video for Loner.  He wanted to reply to all the folks who commented on his You Tube videos and to especially make the video to the amazingly kind and generous people who sent packages!  He was overwhelmed again!  I never heard the term Mail Magic before but Loner has been receiving it for in a few states now and I know it has to make his day. 
He's ready to start hitting the Presidential Range in the Whites, but disappointed that the outfitters are either closed for good or aimed at other sports as opposed to long-distance hiking.  I've sent some his winter gear - he'll need it for the White Mtns and Maine.  
At least counting presidents doesn't feel like hiking PUD's (Pointless Up's and Down's.)
 I'm getting so excited for him and found a wonderful website on the Mt. Washington Observatory where the winds have been clocked as the fastest in the U.SD. at 249 mph. I've read on White Blaze that this area, surprisingly is rather heavily traveled during August.  Mainly because people can drive to trails that they can do in a day or weekend.  

My nine year old granddaughter, Kendall, is going to love this part, (maybe not as much as Her Uncle Jeff's  moose You Tube video, maybe) but in addition to loving her Uncle Jeff, she loves history and like her mother and uncle reads every plaque of historical interest and any display of the presidents leads her to guessing before reading, trying to see how many of the puzzle pieces she can put with each president.
She had to stay and figure out all this with in triple digit weather at the moving Viet Name wall display.  She didn't want to leave until she did them all.  Although, because I was wilting away, I talked her into doing the ones which are her favorites:  the founding fathers like anyone with a New Englander grandmother and Uncle, like myself, but also the recent presidents.  It's fun to see her gobble up the facts like they were cookies she hoards for later use - a debate? a book?  Who knows if it his will translate into her future or if she'll follow her mother into the medical field, since Kendall's dream has been to become a pediatrician since she was about four or five. And she can even watch brain and heart surgery on TV.  It's always fun to see a young person's passion shine. 

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