Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Important Supporter Tip

And now for another hiker supporter tip and this one is very important.  Pass it on to any 2012 thru-hiker but especially to 2013 future thru-hikers an supporters - I think it's one of the best tips yet.  

 Kath, who is a supporter for Loner, send me the link to this page on White Blaze and it's amazing.  It's an article on each section of the trail, and  the writer, Map Man, Steve Shuman) has done a study on the mileage hikers make in different sections of the trail based on the research of thru-hikers who kept daily detailed journal on White Blaze for his data.  Mapman  has come up with some easy to read graphs and if I had known about this article, I would have spent a lot less time worrying when Jeff didn't email when I expected him to and also been able to figure out mail drop box locations myself rather than having to wait for Loner to email me.
What a valuable tool his research offers. I can't tell you how much it helps to alleviate worry, offer realistic expectations and help with planning mail drop boxes. Wow - I can't imagine the time energy and mental real estate it took to do this study but I'm going to recommend it to every 2013 supporter I come across. 

This is a must read for any thru-hiker and their support system!!

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