Saturday, August 25, 2012

Loner in N. Woodstock, NH

Loner is now in N. Woodstock, New Hampshire - less than 400 miles to go - on the doorsteps of the Presidential Range.   He's watched the Perseid Meteor shower from the summit of Killington, visited an organic farm, (will you please pass the goat cheese, Jeff?) rode a gondola for free, climbed Moosilauke and made his stand on the lack of phones in hotel rooms. He's also been to one of my favorite places on the trail - although I have to admit it's really creepy.  Fatherman says it's called White Rocks Cliff Trail. But Jeff called it the Blair Witch Project and I'm kind with him on that one.  He's checked the porcupine off his list of  must see wildlife.  I didn't know it but he's already seen two bobcats - how cool is that?  Now he wants to spot a mountain lion, but it would have to be on a day after a town stop when he's had a shower - those cats can smell a thru-hiker from 100 miles a way, I bet.
Yup - you got it - another batch of videos have been loaded - 10 more at last count.  He really seems to be enjoying himself now that he's getting closer and closer.

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