Friday, May 4, 2012

Loner Vids from Gatlinburg to Erwin, TN

My son, Jeff, known as Loner on the Appalachian Trail, has added Videos #13 through #20 of his trip on his You Tube website now that he's in about 400 miles.
 It sounds like he's had all sorts of adventures from the hail storms to having to put his shoes back together with duct tape!  He's got videos and photos of everything from Cooter's Dukes of Hazzard Museum and skateboarding in Cherokee to some big time Trail Magic, bits on the Standing Bear Hostel and a new hostel,The Laughing Heart Lodge, 360 views from Max Patch bald, snow, hail, old plane wreckage, Hot Springs,  rattlesnakes (!), town life and more.
Jeff has happened upon a number of places and events which tie in with some of the many interests he's had in his life.  In his younger days he built a race car to look just like the General Lee so the trip to the Dukes of Hazzard Museum must have been fun for him.  And he's an indie film maker (previously of skateboarding and arrowhead hunting video)s so the indie AT film showing in Erwin by Miss Janet was a  serendipitous event, as was the vintage car show. Especially since, one time, he was restoring both a '55 Chevy car and truck.  It's almost as events along the trail were staged due to his perfect timing.  I've heard all kinds of stories about Trail Magic and how serendipitous things happen for AT hikers, as well as the odd rattlesnake encounter, and Jeff is certainly experiencing it all first hand. 
It's great to see him after two weeks and hear him laughing on one of the videos. I can tell he's already lost a lot of weight, just from his face.A diet of Pop Tarts and  Ramen Noodles will do that to you, but he fills up in town, that's for sure.
It's good to know he's having a great time, even though he's having to rest his ankle. He's a bit disappointed a number of the hikers he's been leap-frogging with are getting off the trail. 
Maybe he'll even post a few more videos before he gets back on the trail.
Oh and by the way, if you do view his videos, please take a moment and leave a brief comment.  They mean a lot to him and keep him inspired to continue his journey - especially on the tough days!

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