Tuesday, May 1, 2012

e-mail from Loner at about 250 miles

 Appalachian Trail Loner 2012 AT Hike #7 NOC

I rec'd a brief e-mail from the Appalchian Trail from Jeff at about the 250 mile mark,

"Heard it was 9 degrees at Newfound Gap one of the nights I was in Gatlinburg.  I went to Cherokee for a half hour and skated a kids board at the skatepark there.  Still had a inch of snow that night on the trail but my tarp did fine.  A Native American hiker from North Dakota said 'we needed some adventure in our adventure.'  Have some cool pics.  3 hail storms the next day and saw a crashed airplane.
Max Patch was awesome too.  The trail is getting better and the weather for 3 days was perfect.  A lot of hikers have left the trail for weather or injury.  I'm feeling fine but get a little sore sometimes.  Really enjoy this."
He'll be able to post videos hopefully around the 400 mile mark. 

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