Sunday, August 12, 2012

Loner in Vermont- only 3 states to go

Loner is now in Vermont or maybe heading close to New Hampshire.  He posted about 6 videos earlier this week, (I think Monday or Tuesday and has more to come.  This batch of videos includes Mnt. Greylock, some beautiful scenery, skateboarding, a yellow submarine, cars and critters (including moose - who knew moose were in Vermont?),  a firetower with 360 views of 5 states and a techie review on indie film making on the trail, even though Loner admits he's not much of a computer geek, but loves film making.  While on the trail he's not using all of his regular film making programs, but one that doesn't take as long to make basic films since his internet usage is so limited.  
I've discovered so many amazing aspects of Loner's AT trip, from the fact that he's walking 2,184 miles of the trail and a good bit more with trips into town and to water sources and campsites, how wonderful, loyal and generous all his You Tube viewers have been. ( I can't tell you how much your words have helped him keep going and your support has overwhelmed him), how beautiful and wild our country is, and how much it needs our help to stay this way.  I'm sure all family members of AT hikers and support systems and Trail angels  have come to feel a part of the AT community, this traveling town that goes for miles and miles - this spirit that soars with the falcons, hawks, owls and eagles, and the physical and emotional ups and downs of such a massive undertaking.
I hope that his viewers and friends can experience this as well.  I feel like I've been living with a blindfold on for most of my life, not even knowing a trail like the AT was in our country until Jeff announced he was going to hike it last October.  I didn't have a clue what it involved in planning, tactics and the physical challenge until watching his videos.  I thought of sort of it as a vacation type of hike, not really absorbing the 5 1/2  months and not aware of the number of mountains and that his mileage will add up to I think its 15 or 16 Mnt. Everests and New Hampshire itself adds up to one all by itself.
By the time he reaches Katadhin, he'll walk close to 5 million steps (not counting the side trips) on trails maintained by over 6,000 trail maintaineers, 90% of them being volunteers!
Something happens and changes everyone once they become connected with the AT - a total change of values, priorities and perspective of the world once you see what is doable, possible and valuable once you dream it and follow your dream.  I'm so glad that Loner let us follow him on his dream, it gives me courage to pursue mine and pride in seeing him dedicated to his.


  1. Right there with ya Gael......Once you experience the AT life is never the same even for us AT moms.
    Loner is doing GREAT!!!

  2. My family sent him some mail magic from North Carolina. He mentions Joe in NC. Thats us! :) We love watching his videos and appreciate him letting us watch his epic journey.

  3. Joe in NC - can you tell me what video Loner mentioned your name in? I can't find it and want to watch it. And thankls so much for thinking of him. Are you planning on hiking the trail yourself, if so, do you have a trail name. thanks so much - it's so wonderful that people enjoy watching Loner's videos but for those people like you who reach out with mail magic we are so incredibly grateful - I know it helps forget about the sore muscles and rainy days and helps him feel connected with all the wonderful people who love the AT as much as he does.

    1. Joe in North Carolina - okay I found where Loner mentioned you in his video Mail Magic. He didn't get to open your box so we'll get to watch it in a future video since he had to bump the box forward! Thanks in advance for your generosity!