Friday, July 13, 2012

Loner hits Vernon, New Jersey

I heard from Loner today who has reached New Jersey.  I'm so glad I did.  This has been one of the shakier times for me as a mom, in that I got very worried about the Combo of the heat, extreme thunderstorms and Jeff climbing those rocks in Pennsylvania.  But he's out now and is meandering up and down mountains into beatifiul valleys and doing a little night hiking.  He didn't mention that the storms were bad where he was, only showed pictures of the 103 degree temps ion the signs outside of banks.  I'm so glad its cooled off and he has too.  I had sent him a rather panicky email after his rants on the last set of videos because that's just not like him at all.  He doesn't anger easily.  But when he does, I guess he's like me, watch out!  I guess my fears were aggravated because I got sick just about a week ago, ended up in the emergency room, but it appears I've got a yucky concoction of stuff going on - reactive allergy reactions to the corporate jet exhaust from a small airport near me, when they take off right over my house near downtown Greenville and a possible case of Lyme Disease. Ironic isn't it, I live in the middle of a downtown area (although I do have a large garden) and he's walked 1,350 miles - and I am the one who may have Lyme.  Just a reminder that this year you have to pay particular attention to looking for ticks. I won't know until the blood work comes back in a few weeks but they treated me anyway, so I'm not sure if I feel rough because of Lyme of the antibiotic.  It's unpleasant but better than Lyme.
 Jeff posted four new videos from # 71  to #74 at his You Tube AT blog and he's seeing a a lot of varied countryside and mountain landscapes.  He's also very grateful to his grandmother, who we call Babchi (a take off on the Polish for grandmother) because now he can continue the trail and take better care of himself when he gets into town.
I'm fine and dandy here.  I was tired a few days and know I look rough- but I have hiked over 1000 miles so think some black spots under the eyes are ok.  I still have extra weight.  Most everyone else looks like stick men.
The weather has really cooled off and had a little rain too.  I've been drinking lots of water and half the stuff I eat has to be made with water.  I've been hiking in the morns and late afternoons and take a nap in the hottest part of the day.  I'm still using salt tabs sometimes too and cool my feet in creeks or whatever.  If I feel tired I just take a break and lay down for awhile.
Sorry I scared you.  I may have got dehydrated for a day or so but am all good.  I hiked 19 miles Tue, 24 Wed, and 11 today and am at a little motel in Vernon, NJ.  Near mile marker 1350.
The trail was tuff a few days but got way better and there's been some cool landmarks to see.  The camera is working better too. 
Sipsy is back on the trail but I've passed him.  Father Man is still 2 days ahead so I'll see him one day. 
I'm here till 11 on Fri so I'll find some town addys for the food boxs.  I tossed out my guide after NJ because I did not think I would need it.  But will try and find some info online.  There's no outfitter here to get a new book.
I think you have  part of a book after NY.  Could you mail that with the food boxs?.  I'm posting a few vids tonight.  Love ya and hope you are doing ok there. 

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