Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hammock Hanging Bears

Time for a little levity - if you've been reading this blog, you may recall that my son, Loner, is what they call along the Appalachian Trail, a "hammock hanger."  that means that instead of camping in a tent, he camps overnight in a hammock. 
I thought it quite interesting to discover that humans aren't the only ones who've mastered the rather (or at least for moments) have mastered the rather tricky art of hammock hanging.  AS any one whose tried it, it takes a bit of practice, balance and dexterity to position yourself just right - but once you do - heaven!
In addition to this photo, you can watch a brief video of a couple of hammock hanging bears - and it's not unusual to find entire families hanging around the hammock waiting for their turn.
So Loner, I hope you've figured out a strategy to evict these intruders if you find them squatting in your At living quarters!

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