Monday, April 16, 2012

Jeff's AT Gear

As I mentioned before my son, Jeff, is a minimalist. Has been for a good many years. He's not into material things much and when he has them he uses them and sells them quick. All he keeps over time are some books, his arrowhead collection, a few skateboards and his kayak. Now his camping gear.My daughter and I have a terrible time trying to get him to hang onto things like photos.  We kind of do that for him. 
He left with a sparse 13.5 lb. pack and tends not to carry too much equipment or even food. Everything he has is ultralight. He prefers not to sleep on the ground so chose a hammock in which he can put his sleeping bags.  He uses his clothes bag as his pillow, and hangs his backpack underneath the set up to keep it dry. I'm not sure if he's carrying the aluminum windshield reflector as added insulation to keep his feet warm as seen in this video on the AT or not.
Despite his spare lifestyle, Jeff aka Loner, or Snakesession on the Hammock Hanger Forum doesn't like to get wet so uses a great rain fly to keep dry.  He's even camped in snow and was quite cozy.
 Some of Jeff's gear includes:
1.  Pack:  Terra Nova Laser Elite 20L backpack,
2. Hammock:  Grand Trunk Nano
3. Tarp:  Wildernss Logics: Tadpole tarp, 
4. insulation/underquilt : Wilderness Logic rated at 20 degrees
5. Sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Summerlite WL down 3/4 UQrated at 32 degrees
6.  suspension: whoopie slings w/Dutch biners

And for you hammock hangers: Here's a video of his rain or winter set up w/a brief discussion of his Dutch biners drip ring set ups to make sure drips don't enter his bag and hammock.
Here's a  video of his shakedown hike in Oct. 2011 with a review of his hammock and recommendations for hanging gear. 

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